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FEEL the STIM !!!!

DEXE BRN will sky rocket your energy levels and your bodies thermogenesis with 1 simple capsule. Dexe Brn was formulated with the latest and most effective ingredients available on the market today, with clinical doses of each ingredient to maximize weight management and energy production. 

Get a true 45-90 DAY fat-shredding experience in each bottle of Dexe Brn. Countless hours of product testing has lead our team to this specific formula to focus on 3 specific areas … Energy production, Thermogenesis, and Mood Enhancement. After endless hours of actual human reviews and testing, we have launched the perfect formula to achieve your weight management and high energy goals. 


Seriously… please start with 1 single dose for the first 3 days to assess tolerance of this stimulant heavy formula. Advanced users may take 2 capsules spaced 6 hours apart after assessing tolerance to Dexe Brn.   


Directions for use

Take 1 capsule in the early morning or 30 minutes before your workout. A second capsule may be taken 4-6 hours later. Do no exceed 2 caps in any 24 hour period. DO NOT TAKE WITHIN 6 HOURS OF BEDTIME. This product may cause sleeplessness. 


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