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5 Reasons to use a Pre-Workout Supplement

5 Reasons to use a Pre-Workout Supplement


Pre-workouts have quickly become a staple in the average supplement user’s arsenal.  And even though pre-workout sales alone accounted for over $5 billion in sales in 2017, they are still some of the most misunderstood supplements out there.  So, we have decided to give you our top 5 reasons to use a pre-workout supplement.

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  1. They Give You Energy

The primary purpose of pre-workouts is to give you energy!!  Whether it’s 5am in the morning, or 5pm after a long day of work.  Pre-workouts allow you to become motivated to kill your workout, even if you are lacking some much needed energy.  And if you think it’s just caffeine giving you the energy, you couldn’t be more wrong.

  1. They Give You More Endurance!!

You can have all of the energy in the world, but if you can’t make it through the end of your workout with the same intensity that you started with, how can you maximize your results?  Beta Alanine is a unique ingredient that actually helps your muscles to buffer against the waste materials that are produced by your body during your workout.  Beta Alanine has been proven to help improve your endurance, and help you get those few extra “growing” reps.  By the way, SPR HMN has enough Beta Alanine per serving to help breeze through your workout.

  1. Huge Pumps!!

Have you ever experienced the “pump” that Arnold used to rave about?  If not, you need a new pre-workout supplement.  The “pump” is one of the most sought after experiences in weight training.   Not only does it make your muscles look a third bigger, but it also protects your joints and muscles while you are training.

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  1. Laser Like Focus!!

Does your mind ever wonder while you are working out?  Most pre-workout supplements have the number one, cognitive boosting, central nervous system stimulating ingredient ever discovered… Caffeine!!  And most have other ingredients that you can stack with caffeine to get in “the zone” faster, and stay there longer.

  1. Enhanced Recovery

This is probably the most underrated benefit of using a pre-workout.  You won’t “feel” recovery while you are training.  However, you may notice that you are resting less between sets, and that you seem to be able to train at the same intensity for several days in a row.  The reason for both of these benefits is recovery.  Your body is able to recover faster between sets, and faster after you are done training.  The main reason why you are able to recover faster after your workout is because the increased blood flow from you pre-workout allows your body to get rid of cellular waste more efficiently, and allows post-workout nutrients to be absorbed faster.


Pre-workout supplements aren’t for everyone.  Some people can’t handle the caffeine and other stimulants that most contain.  However, for those of you that want to try one of the best pre-workouts available and get hooked up with a sweet discount, then don’t hesitate, and click below.

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